About Us

Rooted in a classic story of the basement business that grew out of its cinder block confines, Unitz1 continues to build on a simple idea that any organization should be able to market their apparel online. We are currently housed in a 3,700 square-foot facility in Lancaster County, PA, an area historically known for its dedication to community, craftsmanship, and hard work. We believe our passion makes us who we are, and as our customers can testify, we're a lot more than just t-shirts.

A Passion for Design

We have over 30 years of experience in graphic design. That dates us back to the age of drawing tables, t-squares, rulers, and pens. Creating art for a business in those days took time and a lot of effort. Since then we've seen the advent of the personal computer. What began as "desktop publishing" has evolved into a digital age where the elements of design such as type, photography, and even page layout are in the hands of anyone with a computer and a digital camera or smart phone. While technology has changed how it's done, design is a foundation of our business.

You are surrounded by graphic design. Packaging, signage, product labels, even your car's dashboard bear the work of designers. You may not take the time to notice it, but we do. We enjoy dissecting graphic design. We critique billboards. Before throwing it in the trash, we evaluate the effectiveness of insurance company direct mail based on the fonts and colors they use. We pass judgement about the choice of photography on a box of breakfast cereal because design matters.

So at Unitz1, we stress the importance of design on every product we sell. This may mean that we offer to improve upon a customer's vision for their apparel. Sometimes we recommend a complete overhaul of a company's graphic identity before we produce anything. We care about how it looks before it ships because design is one of our passions.

Passionate about Branding

What is your brand doing for you?

At Unitz1 we are passionate about brand-building and feel that it should be “top of mind” for all our clients. From the presentation of the packages you ship, to the service technician that is meeting your customers every day, each experience is a way to build your brand. One of the most important aspects of growing a business is building your brand, or your company’s identity.

Whether you are just starting your business or it has been around for generations, every experience your customer has with your company starts to build an emotional bond. Even today, you may patronize the same garage that you went to with your dad as a kid, or perhaps you eat at a restaurant that brings back fond childhood family memories. The emotional bond or connection we establish with a product or service can last a lifetime.

Take the time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How am I building my brand?
  • What do people think of when they hear your company's name or see your logo? (trusted, reliable, friendly, quality)
  • Do you have an emotional bond with your customers?
  • Are you happy with your current logo and company message?

With over 23 years experience in marketing and brand-building, the staff at Unitz1 is eager to assist you in freshening up your look or relaunching your entire brand.

what's your connection?

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